GIRLSS Group and MENtoring connect Cornell students with girls and boys from the Mount Vernon Middle School (grades 5-8). Both programs provide Cornell students an opportunity to be good role models and make a positive impact in the lives of a younger students.

For more information on GIRLSS Group or MENtoring, please contact Cindy Xiong, Middle School Education Coordinator. 


For an hour on the first and third Tuesdays and Thursdays of every block, college mentors in the GIRLSS Group program get together with a group of middle school girls and participate in fun and instructive activities including crafts, talent shows, and service work.  Cornell students help the middle schoolers learn about the strong, intelligent women who have changed history and show the students how to become skilled leaders.

GIRLSS Group provides a safe, secure environment where both middle schoolers and college mentors can express their thoughts, feelings, and experiences.  It offers excitement, education, and activities to help middle school students foster a positive self-image and enhance personal growth.


The MENtoring program matches middle school students with Cornell College men who provide strong, positive male role models.  Each college mentor develops a supportive on-going relationship by meeting with his student two times per block for one-on-one or group activities.  Via this relationship, mentors provide advice, encouragement, and fun activities for the middle school boys that help build confidence and self-esteem.

Participants in the MENtoring program also have the opportunity to attend monthly group events that bring together all of the mentors and middle school students for fun and entertaining programs such as game nights and ice cream parties.