Applications will be available early this fall for 2018 trips!

Here are trip descriptions for 2018. We will continue to update trips as they become available. You can also check out last year's service trips below.

2018 Trip Descriptions

Social Issue: Domestic Violence
Co-Leaders: Jen Davis and Chloe Rossier
Community Sites: Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Non-Violence (Boulder, CO)

Social Issue: Animal Welfare and Environmental Conservation
Co-Leaders: Katie Hohman and Emily Rader
Community Sites: Bird Garden of Naples and Florida Panther Wildlife Refuge (Naples, FL)

Social Issue: Refugees
Co-Leaders: Amy Harrison and Addie Pacha
Community Sites: Refugee Immigration Ministry (Boston, MA)

Social Issue: At-Risk Youth
Co-Leaders: MaryJo Schmidt and Brock Cecil
Community Sites: Create Your Dreams (Atlanta, GA)

2017 Trip Descriptions 

Social Issue: Animal Welfare
Co-Leaders: Katelynn Hohman and George Zimmerman
Community Sites: Bird Garden of Naples, Florida Panther Wildlife Refuge, and (possibly) Shy Wolf Animal Sanctuary

Description: Our trip will be centered around helping an organization whose focus is animal welfare. By participating in this trip, we hope to learn more about the workings of a shelter and sanctuary, how shelters and sanctuaries differ, the importance of adopting not breeding, and gain experience of taking care of different animals and the needs different animals have while helping an organization. We will also learn how the illegal pet trade can harm exotic animals, especially when people think they can care for an exotic pet that is not ready to live a domestic life.

Social Issue: Sustainable Agriculture, Food Accessibility, and Poverty 
Co-Leaders: Rachel Moline, MariKate Murphy, Carly Pierson
Community Partner: World Hunger Relief
Adviser: Jonathan Brand and Rachelle LaBarge

Description: World Hunger Relief is an organization in Waco, TX, that seeks to “alleviate hunger around the world” by supporting sustainable agriculture. During the trip, we will work on WHR’s farm and participate in urban garden development and community outreach. We will also learn how poverty obstructs individuals’ access to healthy food as well as gain understanding as to how people are impacted by poverty in their day-to-day lives.

Social Issue: STE(A)M Education Across the Nation
Co-Leaders: Nobuki Harata, Jayni Nuchols
Community Partner: Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History

Description: This trip will be working with the science museum during their 'Wild Science Week'. Each day will have a different theme focusing on STE(A)M education, activities, and presentations. We'll be helping with setup, take down, hopefully engaging with the kids as well. In preparation, our local pre-trip volunteering will be with the local middle school's Science Olympiad team.

Social Issue: Community Development
Co-Leaders: Ellie Burshtyn and Nicole Casal
Organization :Real Food Farm

Description: We will be working with an organization whose focus is on improving neighborhood access to healthy food and providing education through experience. While on the farm projects may include planting, weeding, invasive species removal, hoophouse construction, compost spreading, bed preparation, fruit tree planting, and lots more.

Social Issue: Disaster Relief
Co-Leaders: Kaylee Crouse, Lexi Dettbarn, Sandra Gomez
Community Partner: Community Collaborations International

Description: This trip will be working with the nonprofit disaster relief program called Community Collaborations International (CCI). CCI works to help all of those who are suffering from the effects of natural disasters. This trip includes a wide variety of volunteering opportunities, such as repairing houses, cleaning up the community, and forming bonds with the locals. Our daily tasks will depend on the current needs of the community, but whatever the task, it is sure to be a whole lot of fun!

Social Issue: Native American Rights
Co-Leaders: Arturo, Vanessa, Jessica
Community Partner: Re-Member South Dakota

Description: This trip will be working with a non-profit organization known as Re-member, which focuses on improving the quality of reservation life through relationships, shared resources and volunteer services. Volunteers will experience a weeklong working spring break, with an emphasis on cultural exchange. Volunteers will work together with staff to help with various projects across the reservation while learning about the culture and history of the Lakota people. Potential projects may include, building bunk beds, repairing roofs, and other projects that support the organization’s mission of giving back to Pine Ridge and building relationships with the Oglala Lakota people.

Social Issue: Urban Youth and Education
Co-Leaders: Nicolle Aragon, Anna Parrilli, Kat Devlin
Community Partner: Create Your Dreams

Description: This trip will be working with a non-profit after school and youth development program called Create Your Dreams that works to break the cycle of poverty, crime, drug abuse, and teen pregnancy. Volunteering will include tutoring, life lessons, playing games, going into schools, and helping plan curriculum along with being a mentor to a number of students from 3rd grade to seniors in high school, and possibly alumni to the CYD program.

Social Issue: Women's Rights
Co-Leaders: Chloe Rossier and Jen Davis
Community Partner: Women's Bean Project

Description: This trip will work with different community partners in Denver, Colorado to determine the best way to advocate for women's rights.