Trip Descriptions 

Environmental Preservation:

"What I’ll be looking for is help with field work. So if you enjoy being outside in the fresh air this is something your group will like. Specifically I could use a hand with brush removal and fence post capping to reduce raptor perches around the historic Prairie Chicken Lek. I could use a hand to rework a cattle pen to accommodate goats that I plan on using as a brush control measure. I’m also clearing a birding footpath thru one of the preserve units that the spring migrants will use as stop overs on their way North. I also have some landscaping needs around the H.Q. compound. So mostly cutting and moving brush is what I would be having the group doing, nothing glamourous but needed coastal prairie maintenance. Five days on the preserve will get you a good feel for coastal prairie ecology and Galveston Bay."


Housing for People with Disabilities:

Our trip is focused on affordable housing for people with disabilities/senior citizens. We will be working throughout the community with Volunteers of America of greater New Orleans. 


Mental Health Advocacy:

We will be exploring stereotypes surrounding mental illnesses and various misconceptions regarding mental health in general. We are planning to go to the Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch to become more aware about the importance of mental health and become advocates to combat stigma on this issue. 


Advocacy for People with Disabilities:

Whether in the school or recreational setting, people with disabilities face challenges every day. But, with the right resources and peers (like you), these folks are just as capable of achieving their goals and winning in life. We will be working directly with students in school and people in a recreational setting.

Immigration and Low- Income Housing:

We will be working for Proyecto Azteca, a self-help housing program building communities that serves working poor families with the construction of quality affordable houses. Volunteers will work toward creating healthy and thriving communities by assisting low and very low income families, traditionally denied home ownership opportunities, with the construction of quality affordable houses, and empowering them to become responsible home owners with an enhanced quality of life. A variety of service work will be incorporated into the trip and thus Spanish skills and construction skills are not needed, but are always a plus!


Reproductive Justice:

We will be working with SisterReach in Memphis, Tennessee to work with their grassroots activism in Reproductive Justice. The Reproductive Justice movement was created by lower class women of color in the south who needed activism that met their needs.


Urban Youth and Education:

This trip will be working with a non-profit after school and youth development program called Create Your Dreams that works to break the cycle of poverty, crime, drug abuse, and teen pregnancy. Volunteering will include tutoring, life lessons, playing games, going into schools, and helping plan curriculum along with being a mentor to a number of students from 3rd grade to seniors in high school, and possibly alumni to the CYD program.


Rural Poverty:

We will be working in Tennessee in the Appalachian Mountains with Mountain T.O.P. doing minor home repair at family's homes and in the camp. The different jobs we could do include building a porch or wheelchair ramp, painting and/or yard work. Construction, painting, or yard work knowledge is not needed. We will teach you what you need to know and learn from experience. Mountain T.O.P. focuses on meeting four needs of the family which we will being completely three, the physical, emotional, and social needs.



Disaster Relief:

The Disaster Relief & Recovery ASB Trip will be working with an organization called Community Collaborations International. Cornell has worked with CCI for the past two years helping several different towns recover from natural disasters (Hurricane Sandy & 2012 Colorado Floods). As volunteers for CCI Cornellians have worked together with community members and other ASB groups to remove debris, clean up homes and businesses, and volunteer for local food banks, community centers, and churches. This year's site will be determined by CCI sometime in October but will revolve around a natural disaster that occurred within the 2014 calendar year!


Immigration and Women’s Rights:

We will be focusing on Women's Rights; specifically, we will address the struggles that immigrant women in the U.S. face. Our trip will examine the intersection of identities of gender, race, and culture,and the conflicts that can arise from within these identities. Our trip will begin with intensive pre-trip education and orientation, and involve direct service with organizations working to address the above issues. Ultimately, this trip aims to challenge definitions of what it means to be "an American," and to create active, critically thinking citizens who have the skills needed to create positive change on many different levels in our society.