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Trip Descriptions 

Co-Leaders: Anna Parrilli and Leah Bossom

Trip Name: Urban Youth and Education

Community Partner: Create Your Dreams

Adviser: Derek Therrien

Description: This trip will be working with a non-profit after school and youth development program called Create Your Dreams that works to break the cycle of poverty, crime, drug abuse, and teen pregnancy. Volunteering will include tutoring, life lessons, playing games, going into schools, and helping plan curriculum along with being a mentor to a number of students from 3rd grade to seniors in high school, and possibly alumni to the CYD program.


Co-Leaders: Mauricio Huertas and Brianna Christensen

Adviser: Sam Angell

Trip Name: Movement and Resettlement: Refugee Experiences in America

Community Partner: (Possibly) Refugee Immigration Ministry

Description: Our trip is focused on learning about the process of becoming a refugee from reasons for seeking refuge to leaving their country and resettling. We aim to become better advocates for refugee populations by better understanding how to ensure success during this process.


Co-Leaders: Katie Hohman and Angela Mendez

Trip Name: Animal Rescue

Community Partner: Shy Wolf Sanctuary and (Possibly) Bird Garden of Naples

Description: Our trip will be centered around helping an organization whose focus is animal rescue. By participating in this trip, we hope to learn more about the workings of a shelter, the importance of adopting not breeding, and gain experience of taking care of different animals while helping an organization. We will also learn how the illegal pet trade can harm exotic animals, especially when people think they can care for an exotic pet that is not ready to live a domestic life.

Co-Leaders: Kate Brogan and Emma Kaboli

Trip Name: Homelessness and Poverty in Urban Areas

Community Partner: DC Central Kitchen

Description: Our trip is focused on learning about the realities of poverty in urban areas while spending time at the DC Central Kitchen. By being a part of this trip, our goal is to become better educators for poverty by better understanding the lack of resources and opportunities for those under the poverty line.


Co-Leaders: Gabe and Anh

Trip Name: Disaster Relief (Flood in South Carolina)

Community Partner: Community Collaborations Internationals

Description: Our trip will focus on helping the people and families in need after the flood in  South Carolina in October. Our goal is simply to give a hand to the community when disaster strikes.

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