Charlie Liberko, Professor of Chemistry

In my memory, every Chemistry student who has wanted to go on to grad school has been accepted somewhere. The recommendation letters we write carry tremendous weight. We can say that a student shows critical thinking skills, the ability to work independently, and has been successful in a research environment. This helps a student’s chances enormously when applying to schools.”

— Charley Liberko, Professor of Chemistry


We emphasize a broad view of chemistry and its relationship to other disciplines.  In particular, we are developing a stronger integration of chemistry and biology concepts through team-taught courses, participation in the Biochemistry and molecular biology major, health-related research projects, etc.

In our courses for non-science majors, we focus on how our daily experiences are touched by or determined by chemistry, and how an understanding of this can allow a person to act more wisely.  For science majors, the emphasis is on how they themselves can contribute to our knowledge and understanding of the microscopic world of atoms and molecules. We strongly encourage our students to engage in research projects to develop a full set of practical skills and become active scientists.

Frequently asked questions

On our FAQ page, we have answered a number of frequently asked questions about studying chemistry in general and at Cornell College in particular.

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