CHE 108-1. Chemistry of Global Health Issues (FYS)
Unsafe drinking water, malnutrition, infectious diseases, industrial pollution - these are all serious global health concerns. What is the chemistry behind these problems? How can an understanding of chemistry help us evaluate possible solutions? This course will begin with a basic introduction to chemistry and move into an examination of the chemistry behind global health challenges such as the provision of clean drinking water, the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, and the production of food to feed the world. Intended for non-science majors: no previous experience in chemistry required.  (FYS) STRONG

CHE 108-8. Chemistry & Artists’ Materials
Introductory-level course intended for non-science majors. Basic principles of chemistry (nature of light, electronic structure of molecules, organic, inorganic and polymer chemistry) as they relate to materials used in works of art (dyes, paints, pigments, paper, textiles, ceramics, glasses, glazes, photographs). No prerequisites. (Non-Laboratory Science). LIBERKO