At some time, you will begin to consider the age-old question, "What can I do with chemistry when I grow up?" The American Chemical Society has a number of on-line resources to help you answer that question. There are two obvious options. One is to go on to graduate school in chemistry (or a related discipline). The other is to find a job: as a chemist, a high school chemistry teacher, etc.

Graduate school

If your career goals require an advanced degree, you will need to carefully select an appropriate graduate school. There are a lot of options in terms of geography, specialty, opportunities for collaboration, etc. The ACS has two helpful sites. One is a general resource for planning your graduate career, maintained by the Committee on Professional Training (CPT). This site is designed to help in selecting and applying to appropriate graduate programs.

More particularly, the ACS publishes each year a Directory of Graduate Research which covers all the chemistry (and related) graduate programs in the United States and Canada. This directory is available on line and can be searched free of charge.

Getting a real job

ACS sponsors many events to help bring together employers and recent chemistry graduates. Job openings are posted on-line and members of ACS can post their resumes on-line as well. Please check out the ACS online career center.