Soul Feast Chapel with Peace Eucharist (Holy Communion)

1st-3rd Wed* of each block @ noon in Allee. 

A grace-filled inclusive blend of  progressive, traditional, & contemplative Christianity.  Offers wisdom for daily living, scripture, prayer, fellowship (see Soul Friends), union with God and love of all people like and unlike oneself in imitation of Christ.   Open communion.  Ecumenical.   Welcoming of seekers and all.     ~Led by Chaplain & Soul Friends

Note:  Occasionally on the 3rd Wednesday of each term our prayer form  will be the inter-spiritual healing wisdom series on forgiveness and reconciliation.  

Student Organization-led Worship & Gatherings

To find out more go to the student organization website listing, and the sign boards outside Allee Chapel and in the Thomas Commons. Groups involved in student organization-led worship include:

  • CHRISTIAN ECUMENICAL - A BLEND OF PROGRESSIVE & TRADITIONAL (Soul Friends, flows out of  Chaplain & Spiritual Life Office) 
  • CHRISTIAN - EVANGELICAL (Campus Crusade for Christ, Deep Water, FCA, Stand Tall)
  • CHRISTIAN - ROMAN CATHOLIC (Roman Catholic Community Assocation)
  • INTERFAITH (Interfaith Understanding, flows out of Chaplain & Spiritual Life Office) 
  • JEWISH (Hillel)
  • NEO-PAGAN/WICCAN (Sanctuary)
The Chaplain supports, though may not always  theologically and scripturally agree with, the perspectives of these Christian and other religious student organizations. Find the right fit for your spiritual inheritance, sense of meaning and purpose,  identity, and beliefs.

Meditation, Mindfulness, & other Contemplative practices:

Meditation is a universal spiritual practice, the oldest practical wisdom of humanity. It is present at the heart of all religion, open to the mystery of God - of ultimate reality. Silence, stillness and simplicity are its essential elements; compassion, joy and generosity of spirit are its fruits.

- Fr. Laurence Freeman, OSB

I. East-West Meditation & Contemplative Practices Fridays @ 11:15—12p.m. in Allee Chapel (except block breaks). A synthesis of Eastern and Western spiritual traditions with related health care research and methods.

  • Calm the anxious mind.  
  • Cultivate a more skillful relationship with fear and sadness.
  • Learn how meditation impacts physical & emotional wellness, and mental concentration.      
  • Explore meditation from various traditions, including practices used in Zen theory and meditation, Christian meditation & centering prayer, and both Hindu Yoga and chakra meditation. 
  • Other topics include relaxation techniques, deep meditation, mantras, energy work, and claims of metaphysics such as heightened intuition. 
  • Tap into the flow of grace - Spirit - life force - energy - prana.   
  • Expand spiritual awareness & consciousness of oneness with God and all.
  • Enhance being  a channel of grace and conduit of compassion, healing, and peace.

Each session opens with a brief teaching on various forms of breath work to elicit the mind-body relaxation response, mindfulness and/or insight into one of  the modalities mentioned above.  A 20-25 minute practice of that meditation practice follows.  Ends with compassion meditation/prayer.  Knowledge is cumulative with 1st semester focusing on breath work, mindfulness, non-attachment to thoughts, and Relaxation Response though students, faculty, and staff may begin anytime during the year.

  ~Led by college chaplain/meditation practitioner/priest.

II. Chaplain recommended links include:

World Community of Christian Meditation

Meditation & Contemplative/Monastic Wisdom East & West - links to Buddhist, Catholic, Hindu, and other helpful sites

East/West meditation - Diverse practices from

Spiritual Tool Kit - East/West devotional and other sites

IV. Monastic Silent Retreat Each Winter

(Jan or Feb block break) at New Melleray Abbey (2.5 days).

V. Christian & Hindu Contemplative Spirituality Topics Course in India

Namaste: Meditation, Mysticism, & Servant Leadership

Academic year 2009-2010.  This course explores the Union with God tradition in Christian mystical/contemplative theology and Hindu Advaitic Vedanta philosophy.  It blends experiential learning through daily meditation and service learning with academic study, interspiritual travel including monastic and ashram experiences, as well as self-inquiry and exploration of one's sense of meaning, purpose, values, and interconnection with others, world, and God.  Particular attention is given to the thinning of ego mind which occurs through meditation and unselfish love, other forms of union with God ("yoga") through action and work, devotion, and study.  Sacred inner and outer travel includes: Service learning through the Holy Cross sisters who liberate, educate, and empower enslaved children and street women in Bangalore; Hindu and CHristian symbol and "Inscape" study at Sangam Art and Learning Ashram; sacred learning at Sri Ramana Maharshi's Ashram and holy mountain of Aranachula; and monastic wisdom through the Benedictine Ashram of the Holy Trinity at Shantivanum affiliated with the late Fr. Bede Griffiths.   ~Instructor: Rev. Catherine Quehl-Engel