Meditation, Contemplative Prayer, Energy Work, & Other Mind-Body-Spirit Practices:

  • MEDITATION, MINDFULNESS, & MIND-BODY-SPIRIT PRACTICIES:  Fridays @ 11:15 a.m. in Allee Chapel (Not during Block Breaks--See Block Calender for schedule).
    Relieve stress while boosting emotional stability, inner calm, self-compassion, and ability to spread feelings of peace to those around you.  Includes seated and gentle movement based practices as well as breath work, energy medicine, and spiritual wisdom from the healing arts and Eastern and Western contemplative traditions. Led by Chaplain.
  • MORNING QIGONG & COMPASSION MEDITATION for PERSONAL & SOCIAL HEALING Tuesdays @ 8:10 a.m. in Allee Chapel. 1st Semester  
    Jump start your day, release stress, & improve mood, energy, creativity & wellbeing.  Simple Spring Forest Qigong ("chee" meaning energy, and "gong" meaning flow) & a brief Compassion Meditation or Interior Prayer  of the practice.  Optional:  Stay for sending  healing, compassionate intention into community & world @ 8:45 for 5 minutes of  Meet Me At The Peace Pole.  Led by Chaplain.  

  • BE THE PEACE:  50 Day/5 Minutes a Day Compassion Meditation Challenge for Personal, Social, Nat'l, & Global Healing—Launches at the 9/11 Observance (12:30 at the Peace Pole) but start any time.  Practice instruction available 1:1 and at the Tuesday and Friday offerings in Allee (see above).
  • CONSCIOUSLY LIVING AS INSTRUTMENTS OF HEALING PEACE and DEEP ABIDING meditation programs available in alternating years.