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A grace-filled inclusive blend of  progressive, traditional, & contemplative Christianity.  Offers wisdom for daily living, scripture, prayer, fellowship (see Soul Friends), union with God and love of all people like and unlike oneself in imitation of Christ.   Open communion.  Ecumenical (Protestant, Roman Catholic, Orthodox and seeker blend).   Welcoming of seekers and all.     ~Led by Chaplain & Soul Friends

Note:  Occasionally on the 3rd Wednesday of each term our prayer form  will be the inter-spiritual healing wisdom series on forgiveness and reconciliation. 

Inter-Spiritual (shared universal) Wisdom and Interfaith Understanding

  • The Chaplain & Spiritual Life Offices' Interfaith Understanding & Exploration student leaders help provide spiritual road trips, interfaith dialogue circles of trust, and other great programs.
  • Inter-Spirituality Healing Wisdom Series.

Caritas (Latin for the virtue of charity)

Cornell College’s Office of Chaplain & Spiritual Life hosts and co-sponsors opportunities for extending love, diversity sensitivity and bridge building,, peace-making, healing, service, and—as embodied by Jesus, an emphasis upon social justice and uplifting of the marginalized and powerless.

Finding Equanimity and Inner and Outer Peace
A monastic wisdom saying goes like this: “Go sit quietly in your cell and it will teach you everything.” Amid restlessness, anxiety, and our culture’s hurried pace, ancient Western and Eastern wisdom traditions urge us to sit still. To find enlightenment and peace by slowing down, tapping into the deep root of your being and all Being, and watching the breath. To return to the breath when ever the mind gets caught up in the auto-pilot tyranny of thoughts, worries, and mental “grooves” or habits which color our perception and interpretation of events.

For support of this Mindfulness and meditation or contemplative prayer practice we have several options:

1. Meditation, Mindfulness & Mind-Body-Spiritual Practices. Fridays @ 11:30—12p.m. in Allee Chapel (except block breaks).  A synthesis of insights and contemplative practices from Eastern and Western spiritual traditions with related medical research and health care wellness methods.  

2. Spiritual retreats including "Living in the Flow of Grace" Fall Retreat (includes hatha yoga, meditation and contemplative prayer, praying with scripture, and energy work), and winter silent monastic retreat at a Benedictine Abbey.

Chaplain Student Leadership Team & Mentoring

A spiritual wisdom saying goes like this: “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” If that time for you is now, know that I am here for regular or occasional mentoring, spiritual guidance, and companionship. For some that means companionship through awakening or expanded awareness of your connection with God, others, and the unfolding universe. Of wonder, awe, and meaning of life experiences and decisions which come with that. For some it means mentoring through the transformation of suffering, or a relationship, or perhaps one’s ideas of God and religion. Or in one’s understanding of Christian discipleship. Still, others seek me out for very secular means of counsel as they think and feel through the difficult decisions and responsibilities which leadership bares. Others specifically come for vocational mentoring as they feel out fit for leadership within both secular and religious contexts [see also pre-theology/seminary].

All of this can be done on a one to one basis. But it also can be more intentional through serving as an active student participant in my office’s programs, worship services and retreats. Or, step that up a notch by serving in a leadership through my office. The Chaplain’s student leadership circle assists with both Christian and Interfaith Understanding based programming, retreats, worship, study groups, diversity bridge building, support of under represented faith groups, civic engagement and other caritas based opportunities. Interested? Let’s talk. Email me to set up some time together at cquehl-engel@cornellcollege.edu.

Spiritual Biography Series
In this highly popular series, Cornell faculty from differing faith backgrounds are invited to look at their life as an unfolding sacred text or narrative. By sharing the traditions, experiences or events, people, ideas, and forks in the road, which have shaped them, we are invited to do likewise, exploring our own spiritual auto- biographies.