Cornell’s Chaplain and the Office of the Chaplain and Spiritual Life are often in the news. Here are a few recent articles.

The Des Moines Register
And again, poor get mistreated
by Rekha Basu

The Des Moines Register 7-13-2008
The faith community deserves credit for its leadership on this. Now, the rest of us should engage with and advocate for those doing our dirty work, signaling Washington that we're one community, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

The Cedar Rapids Gazette  
Chaplain says workers battle poor conditions
by Kristina Andino
The Gazette

CEDAR RAPIDS — Some out-of-state visitors to the city have been dealing with the disgusting, likely toxic goo left behind by the floods.
"These poor, hardworking men and women are the calloused hands of Christ tending Iowa's wounds and grief," writes Cornell College Chaplain Catherine Quehl-Engel in a guest editorial today. "In return I (wonder) whether Iowa and other flooded states will care for and protect them."

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