Effective Catalogue

[Note: This Catalogue is accurate as of July 1, 2013.]

The Cornell College Catalogue is published every year. The information contained herein was accurate at the time of publication; however, circumstances may necessitate the College's withdrawing an advertised course, changing the content of a course, or substituting instructors. The College reserves the right to limit the enrollment of any course and to cancel a course for which fewer than six students have registered or for which no instructor is available.

Between editions, the College may change or revise the programs, rules, and procedures described in this Catalogue. Students are subject to the regulations and requirements in the Catalogue and its supplements in effect at the time they begin their first course at Cornell. A Cornell student who leaves and is later readmitted returns under the Catalogue in effect at the time of readmission.

If, after a student has begun her or his Cornell career, one or more of the degree requirements are changed, the student may choose to be graduated under either the original or the revised requirements, unless specific faculty legislation dictates otherwise. Exceptions may be granted for compelling reasons by the Academic Standing Committee or by the administrator concerned. For the application of this "grandparent" principle to a student's major, see Declaration of Degree Candidacy, Majors and Minors.

The offerings for each academic year are announced the previous winter in the Course Schedule, which is then updated as often as is necessary.