Social Work/Human Services

Although graduate programs in Social Work/Human Services generally accept any major, students preparing for direct entry into these fields should consider majoring in one or more of the following: Sociology, Psychology, or an individualized major designed around some particular area (childhood, family, delinquency, etc.).

Students preparing for either graduate training or direct employment should include in their programs these core courses: ECB 101 (Macroeconomics); PSY 161 (Fundamentals of Psychological Science); SOC 101 (Sociological Perspectives); POL 262 (American Politics); and one course in recent American history.

Students are strongly urged to acquire experience in social work or human services as volunteers or interns. It is possible to earn credit for this kind of experience during the academic year through PSY or SOC 280/380, and in the summer through PSY or SOC 299/399.