Cornell offers a pre-professional advising program to assist students who want to enjoy the benefits of a liberal arts curriculum while preparing for a specific profession in architecture.  Our students have had success pursuing advanced degrees in architecture at places such as Washington University, the University of Colorado, Iowa State University, and Penn State University.  Students should complete a series of set courses and work on preparing a strong portfolio of studio work with an artistic statement. 

Although students can choose any major, there is a recommended series of courses that must be completed in addition to the general education requirements.  These recommendations include: one course in General Physics (course requires a background in Calculus), two courses in the history of Western Civilization, six studio art courses (consider three-dimensional areas such as ceramics or sculpture), and one art history or history course that addresses architecture as a focus of study from the following: ART 251 (Greek and Hellenistic Art), ART 252 (Etruscan and Roman Art), 256 (Italian Renaissance Art), 257 (Medusa’s Gaze), ART 375 (Rome Reborn) and HIS 369 (Chicago).

There are exceptions to the list of courses appropriate for pre-architecture that require consultation with the faculty.  Students should contact the program advisor early in their college career.  Advisor: Christina Penn-Goetsch