Theatre and Speech (THS)

Advisor: Scott Olinger

The following interdisciplinary major is available only as a teaching major:

Teaching Major in Theatre and Speech: A minimum of 11.25 course credits in Theatre and Communications Studies, which include:

  1. COM 121, 235, 323, 326; THE 115 or 310 or 331, 201, 311, 107 or 108; any one of the following: THE 341, 342, 343, 344, or 345; 376-379;
  2. one-and-one-quarter credits composed of five adjunct quarter-credits as follows: one-half credit of THE 715; two quarter-credits to be chosen from: THE 751, 752, 753, 754; and one additional quarter-credit of either THE 715 or COM 561.

In addition to the foregoing requirements, prospective teachers must also apply for admission to the Teacher Education Program (preferably at the start of their sophomore year) and complete coursework leading to secondary certification described under Education. Prospective teachers should request a current list of the specific course requirements from the Education Office.