ACM Programs

Botswana: University Immersion in Southern Africa (4)
Early January to mid-May. Prerequisite: advanced sophomore standing. KNOOP [914]

Tanzania: Ecology and Human Origins (4)
Late July to mid-December. Prerequisite: junior standing. CONDON [912]

India: Culture, Traditions, and Globalization (4)
Mid-July to mid-December. A. THOMAS [922]

Japan Study (9)
Early September to late June (academic year); early September to late December (autumn session), early September to early February (fall semester); early September to mid-March (fall semester with cultural practicum). Prerequisites: a grade point average of 3.0 or higher and sophomore standing. Japanese language study is not required for acceptance into the program, but at least one Block of Japanese must be completed before departure. ENNS [923]

Florence: Arts, Humanities, and Culture (4)
Late August to December. Prerequisite: junior standing. Prior Italian language recommended. Allocation of Cornell credit is based upon course selection and is subject to departmental approval. PENN-GOETSCH [952]

August to December 2013. See the ACM web site for more information.BATY [930].

London and Florence: Arts in Context (4-5)
Late January to May. Allocation of Cornell credit is based upon course selection and is subject to departmental approval. Prerequisite: sophomore standing. PENN-GOETSCH [951]

Brazil: Semester Exchange Programs (4)
There are two distinct exchange program options available to students looking to spend a semester studying in Brazil. See the ACM web site for more information. McCOLLUM

Costa Rica: Language, Society, and the Environment (4)
Late August to December. Prerequisites: SPA 102 and sophomore standing. LACY-SALAZAR [941]

Costa Rica Semester Exchange Programs (4)
Late January to May. Prerequisites: junior standing, prior coursework in the proposed research discipline, and at least SPA 102. CONDON [942]

CEA Affiliation

“CEA Global Education offers more than 100 study abroad programs to U.S. and Canadian college students. Designed to bridge the gap between college education and experience, our study abroad programs provide students with hands-on learning and living in international cities. Students have the opportunity to take classes in another academic setting, intern with an international business, volunteer to help those in need, and expand their circle of friends to include international peers and mentors. Learn more at” (sent by CEA)

School for International Training Programs

The College Semester Abroad program of the School for International Training (SIT/World Learning) provides a unique opportunity to experience other cultures through language study, a homestay, and cross-cultural orientation. Each participant, in consultation with the academic study director on site, plans and completes an independent study project. Most SIT programs also include intensive language instruction. To undertake any of the following programs, the student must have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher at the end of the Block preceding the start of the program and have satisfied the program prerequisites, if any.

Each program awards four Cornell course credits. The particular nature of the credit varies with each program. The program selection changes annually, so for complete and up-to-date details and program descriptions for programs offered in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Pacific, consult the SIT web page [], or the Cornell program advisor. Greenstein [988]

Foreign Language Abroad Program

The Department of Classical and Modern Languages offers qualified students the opportunity to participate in certain programs operated by other institutions in countries where the native language is Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Russian, or Spanish. All of the courses in approved FLAP programs are taught in the foreign language. Prerequisites: a grade point average of 3.0 or higher at the end of the Block preceding the start of the program and the appropriate 205-level course or its equivalent in the language to be studied (some programs may require additional language preparation). At least one course in the language must have been taken at Cornell. Programs range from one month to one year. FACULTY IN MODERN LANGUAGES [990]