Off-Campus Programs

The College offers four different kinds of off-campus study and travel, and students may participate in more than one during their career at Cornell. In order to be eligible to participate in any off-campus study at Cornell students must:

  1. have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 (unless a higher grade point average is specified);
  2. be in good disciplinary standing with the College; and
  3. be in good financial standing with the College.

The Office of International & Off-Campus Studies will request the appropriate information to determine a student’s eligibility (e.g., from the Dean of Students).

Students are responsible for contacting the Residence Life Office to discuss how off-campus study will affect their housing assignments, especially for off-campus study which takes place immediately following or prior to any college break.

General information about off-campus study, travel abroad, passport applications, etc., is available from the Office of International and Off-Campus Studies.

Participants are responsible for knowing the regulations in this section as well as those governing their chosen program. By the act of registering for a program, the student signifies that he or she understands and agrees to abide by these regulations.