Summer Study

Students seeking credit for summer study begin by consulting a faculty member in the department in which they wish to earn the credit, who can tell them whether the department will sponsor their project and what, if any, prerequisites or other conditions must be satisfied in order to obtain departmental approval. Although some departments may suggest topics or put students in contact with prospective internship supervisors, most students develop their own proposals and contacts.

To register for a Summer Study course, students must file a proposal with the Registrar, available from the Registrar's Office, before leaving for the summer (the earlier the better in case there is a problem obtaining the permission of the Academic Standing Committee). The prospectus must be approved and signed by the faculty sponsor and the department chair. Late or retroactive registration is not permitted.

The Summer Individual Project or Internship must be completed by August 15 during the summer in which it is undertaken.

Grades for summer courses or internships are due within 5 business days of completion of the course.

For information about Summer Study courses, consult the Registrar.

297/397. Summer Individual Project
Intensive study or research in a subject area not normally included in the regular course offerings or further in-depth study of a topic encountered as part of previous studies. The student works independently under the supervision of a faculty sponsor on a topic suggested by the student and approved by the sponsor. Prerequisites: a writing-designated course (W) and a minimum of 7 course credits completed, at least two of which are in the same department as the project. (OP)

299/399. Summer Internship
See "Internships." (CR)