Reduced Programs

Students, other than seniors and those in the Continuing Education Program, (see Index. Admission), who wish to enroll for fewer than eight Block credits in an academic year must obtain the permission of the Academic Standing Committee. Permission is usually granted if the student will (1) gain additional educational or professional experience related to the major or field of concentration, or (2) resolve physical, psychological, personal, or financial problems that may otherwise prevent her or him from continuing at Cornell, or (3) had reason to drop a course on day 2 or day 3 and could not add another, so long as this will not impact a student’s satisfactory academic progress. The petition must also contain a description of how and where the student plans to spend the Blocks when he or she will not be taking classes at Cornell. Students on reduced programs surrender, during those Blocks when they are not taking courses, the privileges of regularly enrolled students and are, therefore, not necessarily permitted to live in College housing, to use College facilities, and participation in any Cornell-sponsored extracurricular activities in ways that are not also open to the general public may be restricted. Students on reduced programs may not transfer to Cornell any coursework taken at another school during the regular academic year (September through May). The financial aid of students on reduced programs will be affected and such students should discuss the implications with the Financial Assistance Office.

(See also Leave of Absence; see Other Off-Campus Study [999] for Academic Leaves of Absence.)