A student who withdraws voluntarily, who is dropped for non-attendance, or who is suspended for academic, disciplinary, or financial reasons is not guaranteed readmission. Such persons may, however, apply for readmission to the Academic Standing Committee by sending their request to the Registrar at least one month before the start of the Block in which they wish to re-enroll. In the case of a student who was suspended, the appropriate conditions, as stated in the letter of suspension, must have been satisfied before the Committee will act upon the request. Students, regardless of the type of withdrawal or suspension, will be evaluated for readmission on their academic achievement, good citizenship, and satisfactory discharging of their financial obligations to the College while at Cornell and subsequently.

A student who has been classified by the College as a "readmitted student" is not eligible to receive transfer scholarships offered by Cornell. Consult the Office of Financial Assistance with any questions or concerns.

At the time the student withdraws voluntarily, is dropped for non-attendance, or is suspended for academic, disciplinary, or financial reasons, the student forfeits any financial assistance that was previously awarded. This includes any scholarship, grants, loans, or work study the student may have had.

If the student is readmitted, his/her financial assistance, including previous academic and fine arts awards, will be reviewed at that time and based upon current academic and financial information.

Please contact the Financial Assistance Office if you have questions.