Adjunct Courses

Adjunct courses numbered in the 500s are highly focused mini courses that complement regular OCAAT offerings and, like Music Lessons, Ensembles, and English or Theatre participation activities (numbered in the 700s), may be taken along with principal courses. 

500-level adjunct courses normally span 2-4 consecutive Blocks and entail a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 hours of work per week (including contact hours) for a total of 25-30 hours to earn ¼ course credit.

Students may enroll in a maximum of two 500-level adjunct courses (.25 credits each) in any one semester, and no more than two full credits in 500-level adjunct courses may be counted toward satisfying the minimum 31 credits required for the B.A. or B.Mus. degree. The College expects, however, that a student's primary responsibility be to her or his principal courses. The rules governing registration, grading, and withdrawal are:

  1. Registration in 500-level adjunct courses requires the signature of the instructor and academic advisor. For 700-level courses, students register directly with the instructor or ensemble conductor at the beginning of the adjunct course (Blocks One and Five for Music courses). Admission to some of these courses may be by audition; therefore, interested students should confer with the instructor or conductor for details before the first meeting of the course.
  2. Students who register, attend for the entire length of the course and satisfactorily complete the course requirements will receive at the end of the semester a quarter of a credit and a grade of CR, with the exception of MUS courses in which a letter grade will be assigned.
  3. Adjunct courses, music lessons and music ensembles may be repeated for credit every semester, unless stated otherwise in their course descriptions.
  4. Students in courses numbered in the 500s who cease to attend or do not fulfill the course requirements will automatically be dropped from the course at the end of the semester and no record of the course will be posted on their transcript. Grades of F, NC, W, WH, and WR are not assigned for these adjunct courses.
  5. Students enrolled in MUS courses numbered in the 700s who cease to attend or who do not fulfill the course requirements will receive the grade of F unless granted a W or WH. Students have one month from the start of the lessons or ensemble to drop without any record of the course or grade being posted on their transcript. (See Department of Music, "Music Lessons at Cornell" and "Ensemble Participation.")