Policies on class attendance are the responsibility of individual professors.  Faculty are encouraged, however, to accommodate students who participate in a college-sponsored trip, encounter an emergency situation (student illness or family death), or participate in religious observances. 

The Health Center or other health professionals will issue verifications of absence for sufficient medical reasons.  Students who know that they will be absent should notify their instructors in advance.  Those who are unable to do so because of illness or personal or family crisis should notify their instructors as soon as possible.  Instructors will decide on the basis of their explanations whether or not to accommodate them and in what way.

Students who participate in College-sponsored trips or will be absent due to religious observances are expected to secure the permission of their course instructors in advance of their absence and to arrange with their instructors to make up the work they will miss.  Students who fail to make arrangements with their instructors in advance are subject to whatever penalties the instructors would normally impose for unexcused absences.  In case of doubt as to a student's participation in the trip, the instructor may consult the college sponsor.