Tornado Shelter Locations

In the event of a tornado, tornado warning, or severe storm, occupants should go immediately to one of the following suggested safe areas:

*Always seek lowest level possible in building, away from windows.

Building                          Suggested Safe Area

Allee Chapel                              Main floor under pews

Armstrong Hall                          Black Box Theatre

Baldwin House                          Basement

Bowman-Carter Hall                 SE Hallway by vending

Brackett House                          Basement

Cole Library                               Lower level hallways

College Hall                               Basement floor hallway

Collin House                              Basement

Commons                                   Lower level

Dows                                          Basement brick hallway

Ebersole Health Center              Basement

FM Bldg                                     Director's office

Harlan House                             Russell (ground floor by kitchen area or bike rack store room if building is locked

                                                   due to power failure)

Intercultural Center                    Basement

International Center                   Basement

King Chapel                               McCauge Hall in King Chapel

Law Hall                                    Basement rm at bottom of west stairwell

Lytle House                               1st floor interior hallway

McWethy Hall                           Ceramics/Sculpture room

Merner Hall                                First floor hallway

Music Practice House                1st floor bathroom

New Hall                                    1st floor inner hallway

Norton Geology Center             Lower level by Bat Cave

Old Sem                                     Lower level

Olin Hall                                    Zero deck hallways

Pauley Hall                                Basement brick hallways

Pfeiffer Hall                               Garden level hallways

Prall House                                1st floor, away from windows

President's Home                       Basement

Rood House                               Basement storage room

Rorem Hall                                 Basement brick hallway

Russell Hall                                Community Room

South Hall                                  Basement hallway

Sports Center                             Handball courts

Stoner House                             rear  basement area

Tarr Hall                                     Lounge floor brick hallway

Tenth Avenue Apts.                   Basements

Wade House                              Lower level break room

West Science                             Basement SE hallway (away from chemicals)

Wilch Apartments                     Basement by Laundry