Campus Security Authorities

“Campus Security Authority” (CSA) is a Clery Act-specific term that encompasses four groups of individuals and organizations associated with an institution.

• A campus police department or a campus security department of an institution.

• Any individual or individuals who have responsibility for campus security but who do not constitute a campus police department or a campus security department (e.g., an individual who is responsible for monitoring the entrance into institutional property). Include individuals who provide security at a campus parking kiosk, monitor access into a campus facility, and act as event security or escort students around campus after dark.

• Any individual or organization specified in an institution’s statement of campus security policy as an individual or organization to which students and employees should report criminal offenses.

• An official of an institution who has significant responsibility for student and campus activities, including, but not limited to, student housing, student discipline and campus judicial proceedings. An official is defined as any person who has the authority and the duty to take action or respond.

Professional counselors at Cornell’s Counseling Center and the college’s Chaplain, when acting in the capacity of those jobs, are not CSAs and are not required to report crimes disclosed to them. They are encouraged, if and when they deem it appropriate, to inform persons being counseled of the procedures to report crimes on a voluntary basis for inclusion in the college’s annual report of crime statistics. 

At Cornell College any incident can be reported to the Campus Safety Office, the Dean of Students or through the public incident reporting system linked on several locations on the college webpage.