Students Who Take Vacation Block(s):
Vacation blocks are only for students who are eligible to graduate during the 2014-15 academic year.

  1. If a student needs only three classes each semester to graduate senior year, they are allowed to take less than a four credits. For billing purposes, a student enrolled in three classes each semester is a full time student and there is no change to their tuition charges.
  2. For students who are enrolled in two classes in a semester, the charge is 2/3 of the full semester charges.
  3. For students who only need one class in a semester, the charge is 1/3 of the full semester charges.
  4. Room and board charges are charged on a semester basis. If a student lives in the dorms for one week or the entire semester, the charge is the same semester charge with no proration.  Room and board charges may be reduced for students living on campus for one or two blocks a semester. Refer to the Residence Life website for more details -