Timing of Statements:
Fall billing statements for each year are available online through Self-Service in mid-July. An email is sent to students notifying them that their statements are available. After the initial statement is posted online, updated statements are posted online by the 10th of each month. E-mails will be mailed to all students through their Cornell College Email account and to parents (others) where e-mail addresses have been established for online access to view the statements. If a parent wishes to receive these e-mails, they must establish access to the online portal. See “How to view the statements online as a parent” below.

How to View the Statements Online:
Students can view their statements at the self-service website: https://selfservice.cornellcollege.edu/Home.aspx. Once a student is logged in, student account information can be found on the “Finances” tab. Under “Finances” there are three options.

  1. “Balance”. This allows the student to look at a current account balance. Students are able to select how they wish to view the balance. The easiest way to read for students is “Detail by Charges/Credits”. Charges/Credits detail what has been charged to a student’s account and what has been credited to the account.
  2. “Statement”. This allows the student to view the statement. It is a picture in time as of the date it was posted online. On the left side of the screen there is a drop down menu where you can select any statement you would like, the most recent will be the first option that pops up.
  3. “Financial Aid”. This allows the student to view the Financial Aid Award Letter and any missing documents that may be needed by Financial Assistance.

How to View the Statements Online as a Parent:For parents to view the statements, they must first obtain access to the parent portal from their student. The instructions are online at http://www.cornellcollege.edu/information-technology/gb-parents/index.shtml. Once a parent has access, they are able to log in to this website and view the balance. This does not have the same view as the student page, but has the following options:

  1. “Balance”. This allows the parent to look at a current account balance. This shows the entire history for the student since their arrival on campus with the “Balance Due” being shown at the bottom of the page.
  2. “Financial Aid”. This allows the parent to view the Financial Aid Award Letter and any missing documents that may be needed.

Payment Options:
Cornell offers three payment plan options to help make a Cornell education affordable.

  1. Payment in Full: Students are able to pay their bill in full each semester with no additional charges. These payments are due on August 24 and January 8.
  2. Monthly Payment Plan: For families who determine monthly payment plans will be more affordable, students are able to establish payment plans. For families who wish to set up a monthly payment plan for each semester, the payment plan can be established for 5 months at a time, from August to December and January to May. Payments are due on the first business day of each month. The cost for this plan is $50 per semester. A $20 late fee is assessed on the monthly payment plan when a monthly payment is delinquent.
  3. Student Loan Options: Student loan options to cover expenses can be explored by talking to Financial Assistance or visiting their website at http://www.cornellcollege.edu/financial-assistance/types-of-assistance/index.shtml and reviewing your options under “Federal Loans” and “Private/Alternative Loans”. Students who plan to borrow additional loan funds to cover their balance should begin this process in the summer preceeding the academic year.
    1. Alternative loans may take more than a month to finalize, so allowing plenty of time to complete this process is vital.
    2. If students have any questions on alternative loans, Financial Assistance is available to help them at financial_assistance@cornellcollege.edu or 319-895-4216.

How to Make Payments:

  1. Online payments can be made through CashNet, our online partner. You can access this directly through Self-Service. Payments can be made in the form of:
    1. Direct withdrawal from a US bank account (ACH)
    2. Credit card payment (a 2.75% processing fee is charged)
  2. Mail payments to Student Accounts, Cornell College, 600 First Street SW, Mount Vernon, IA 52314. To ensure that your (your student’s) account is properly credited, please include your (your student’s) name and ID number on the check.

Financial Suspension:
For students who have not brought their balance to zero by the end of Block 1 and Block 5, financial suspension will occur on the final Wednesday of the respective blocks. A zero balance means that all funding sources have been received by Cornell, not en route.