General Information.

  • Student Accounts Handbook.  The handbook was created as a resource for students and families regarding student account policies and procedures.  The handbook can be found online at .

  • 2015-16 bills will be generated by semester.  The July bill will only reflect your fall charges as well as your fall financial aid.  In early December, you will receive your bill for spring charges and spring financial aid.

  • Cornell College will be able to accept credit card payments (MasterCard, Discovery, American Express, and VISA) and payments through ACH (directly from your bank account).  There is a 2.75% processing fee on all credit card payments, but no fee for ACH payments.

  • Students are able to set up EFT (electronic funds transfer) for any payments they may receive from Cornell (meal refunds, internship support, etc.).  This means that payments made to the students will be directly transferred to their bank account.  This can be done online at .

  • Any outstanding balance not paid either directly or through a payment plan by the first day of the Block 1 for fall and Block 5 for spring, will be assessed a late fee of $25 per week.

Bills for Fall 2015 will be posted online to the student and parent portals the week of July 13. 

  • Students can access statements through the Cornell Self Service website at:

  • Parent may access their student's account ONLY if the student has first granted account access to their parents. Once they've done so, parents may follow the instructions on the same "Student Shared Information" page to gain account access

  • If a student has not given parents access to the parent portal, please remember that Cornell will NOT be able to speak with parents regarding the student’s bill and the student will be solely responsible for providing information to the parent, as the student deems appropriate.

 Payment Options for the 2015-2016 year:

  • Students will log in online to view statements for first semester, and will be able to select “Make a Payment” that will redirect them to an online site.  Students will be able to:

                  Pay their semester balance OR set up a payment plan. 

                   Payments can be made electronically by one of two methods:

    • Set up automatic withdrawal from a checking account; or

    • Use a credit/debit card (with a 2.75% processing fee charged).   

  • Parents will click on “Make a Payment” on the bottom of the Finance Page in the self service as well. Students will need to give access to the payments system separately if parents wish to make online payments as described above.

  • Students or Parents can also pay for the full semester by sending a check to Student Accounts, Cornell College, 600 First Street SW, Mount Vernon, IA  52314.  Checks should include the name of the student and the student's ID number.

All students will be responsible for ensuring their accounts are current by the last day of the first block of the semester (Block 1 and 5). Failure to do so will result in financial suspension from the college.

  • All financial aid paperwork must be complete so that aid is released as well as any loans that need to be processed. 

  • Outside scholarships cannot be credited until the funds are received by Cornell College.  It is the responsibility of the student to ensure the funds will be forwarded to Cornell by the scholarship provider.  Payment plans should be established based on the amount due and will be adjusted when other funds arrive at Cornell.  Scholarship checks should be directed to Student Accounts, Cornell College, 600 First Street SW, Mount Vernon, IA  52314.

  • If families wish to use a payment plan of any variety, the account must be current on these dates. 

  • If a family is unable to make the payment by those dates or have all paperwork complete for financial aid, you may explore loan options on the Financial Aid website to ensure that a student’s registration is unaffected. 

  • If you are exploring loan options, remember this can take several weeks.  This must be completed and disbursed by the last day of the first block of the semester, not in process.

As always, both the Student Accounts Staff and Financial Assistance Staff are here to assist you in preparing for the financial implications of your/your student’s college education. 

Contact the Student Accounts office at or 319-895-4593 for questions regarding:

  • Tuition or room and board charges

  • Payment Options

  • Setting up a Payment Plan

  • Signing your Promissory note for Perkins, McElroy or Sherman Loans

Contact Financial Assistance at or 319-895-4216 for questions regarding:

  • Financial aid

  • Parent Plus Loans

  • Private Student Loans