How do I know if I need to complete a voucher?

A voucher is used for payments and reimbursements where no hard copy invoice exists. It is also used for personal reimbursements other than travel, such as supplies, books, etc. Reimbursements for travel should be submitted on a Travel Loan and Expense Reporting Form.

What must be submitted with a voucher?

It is to be accompanied by itemized receipts or other documentation that attests to the purchases or expenses. It requires the signature of the department head and account number (s) to be charged.

How will I receive the money for my request?

Any voucher request that is $50.00 or less can be taken to Business Services, third floor Old Sem, for approval and then to the Cashier's desk on first floor to be reimbursed for cash. Vouchers for more than $50.00 need to be submitted to Business Services for approval and will be included in the next check run.

How are payments handled if an actual bill is sent from the business?

Most college expenditures result in an invoice being sent to us from off campus by our vendors. If the invoice is sent to Business Services, it is stamped with the date received and an approval stamp. The approval stamp asks for an authorized signature and an account number to be charged. The invoice is then sent to the appropriate department for approval. It should be signed and completed and sent back to Kay Schirm in Accounts Payable. A check will then be cut and mailed to the vendor. If an invoice comes directly to a department, (or is attached to an order picked up from a vendor) it is the responsibility of the department to see that the invoice is authorized with a signature and account number and turned in to Accounts Payable for payment.

Do I need to submit a voucher with an invoice that I submit?

All that is needed for payment of an invoice is the authorizing signature and account number on the invoice. It is not necessary for a voucher to be filled out and attached to the paper invoice.

What is the deadline for receiving a check each week?

Business Services processes two check runs per week. Submission deadline for approved vouchers and invoices is noon Tuesday and Friday in the Accounts Payable Office, third floor Old Sem.