Please refer to the following list to determine the most appropriate staff member to assist with your task. 

All information requiring our attention may be dropped off at the cashier's desk on the first floor of Old Sem.


  • Maria Beamer: Controller
  • Mike Kragenbrink: Assistant Controller
  • Lisa Evans: Student Accounts Manager
  • Becky Whitman: Staff Accountant
  • Kay Schirm: Business Services Specialist
  • Jodie Wittenburg: Staff Accountant and Payroll Coordinator


  • Becky processes, Mike backup
  • If under $50 they can then be cashed at the front desk after processing.

Travel Expense Reports/Advances

  • Becky processes, Mike backup
  • For advances, follow the same deadlines as other accounts payable. Advances must be turned in 30 days after the travel with receipts.


  • Kay processes, Becky backup
  • Invoices are due Tuesday at noon and Friday at noon
  • Checks are available Tuesday after 3 p.m. for Friday cut off and Thursday after 3 p.m. for Tuesday cutoff.

General Entries – Switching Things Between

  • Becky processes, Mike back up the entry, Kay backup for processing

Questions Regarding Endowment

  • Mike

Questions Regarding Restricted Funds

  • Mike

Online Budget Information

  • Mike


  • Jodie processes timecards, leave, and earning statements
  • Any changes to benefits goes though HR

Student Account Information

  • Lisa, Becky, Kay, and Maria backup


  • Kay – student deposits, Lisa – all other deposits.  Maria and Jodie backup for both.
  • Deposits can be left at the front desk on 1st Floor Old Sem or just routed to Business Services in the mail

Budget Questions

  • Maria and Mike

Insurance/Risk Management

  • Rachel


  • Becky, Kay, and Maria

General Account Information

  • Maria and Mike

Survey Information

  • Maria and Mike