• Biology professor, student on award-winning team

    Tammy Mildenstein, assistant professor of biology, and Kelsey King ’15 were part of a team that won a Distinguished Service Award this summer from the Society for Conservation Biology. Read More

  • Cornell College awarded $1 million grant to support research

    The National Science Foundation’s Division of Environmental Biology awarded Cornell College a $1 million grant to support research led by biology professor Marty Condon. Read More

  • Eight courses heading off campus

    Dozens of students in eight different courses will spend Block 6 off campus, going as far afield as the Bahamas, Belize, Rome, and New Zealand. Read More

  • Exhibit on Shakespeare and the four humors

    Cornell College will host the U.S. National Library of Medicine exhibit "'And there's the humor of it': Shakespeare and the four humors" from Jan. 19 through Feb. 28 in Cole Library with a presentation on Jan. 29. Read More

  • Best-selling author speaking Jan. 28

    Sam Kean, a best-selling science author, will speak about neuroscience and his latest book, "The Dueling Neurosurgeons," at 11:15 a.m. on Jan. 28 at Cornell College. Read More

  • Doing serious work in silly makeup

    Lydia Meece, a senior at Cornell College, took part in an internship in Peru with two organizations dedicated to clowning and public health. Read More

  • Fellowship leads to publication, opportunities after graduation

    David Yamaguchi co-authored a paper published in the journal Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences after a summer Cornell Fellowship at the University of Iowa’s department of biochemistry. Read More

  • Biology professor warns of dangers of multitasking

    Biology Professor and neuroscientist Barbara Christie-Pope explains why one thing at a time—and One Course At A Time—is the best bet. Read More

  • Mildenstein involved in Guam bat count

    Tammy Mildenstein, a newly-hired professor of biology, planned the first-ever survey of Mariana fruit bats this summer. Read More

  • Tiny flies, big research

    Biology Professor Marty Condon’s research into the genetics of tropical flies includes numerous students, and several alumni, who have traveled with her to the tropics. Twice her findings have appeared in Science. Read More

  • Fellowship leads Howard to a career in public health

    Hayden Howard ’14 is committed to public health policy with a job offer from an occupational healthcare company, an application to a Master’s of Public Health program, and interviews for positions that would deal directly with public health issues. Read More

  • Condon publishes new research in Science

    Marty Condon, professor of biology at Cornell College, has studied flies in the tropics for years. In a paper published in Science this week, she reports evidence that there is more to a fly’s ecological niche than where it lives and what it eats—you have to look at what eats the fly, as well. Read More

  • Thedacare internship information session

    Dimensions is currently recruiting for a paid ($15/Hr) summer internship at the Thedacare Center for Healthcare Value in Appleton, Wisconsin. The internship is open to students in all majors, but is designed for students who are interested in healthcare, particularly in the areas of healthcare policy, administration and delivery. Read More

  • Science Cafe: Eat. Drink. Talk science.

    Dr. Gabriele Ludewig of the University of Iowa College of Public Health will lead an informal discussion about hazardous chemicals, the environment and the potential impact on your health. Read More

  • Student receives research grant

    Jarod Armenta ’15 has been awarded a research grant from the Beta Beta Beta Research Foundation and will present his findings at a future TriBeta convention. Read More

  • How to land a summer research position

    We'll discuss how research experience will help your development as a scientist, how to locate and apply for campus and off-campus opportunities, and provide you with a packet of information which includes a spreadsheet highlighting external research competitions, a sample resume and personal statement, and rules of etiquette for requesting a letter of recommendation. Oct. 28 at 11:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Shaw conference room in Thomas Commons. Read More

  • Walsh discovers passion for wildlife education

    Maureen Walsh '13 discovered a passion for wildlife education during two summer zoo internships and a block in Israel studying migratory birds. Read More

  • Six courses traveled to tropical field stations in February

    Fifty-seven students joined their Cornell professors for courses in the Bahamas and Belize during block 6. Cornell courses have traveled to the Gerace Research Center in the Bahamas for years, and 2013 marked the third annual trip to a field station in Latin America. Read More

  • Linked courses study wildlife conservation in Costa Rica

    To fully understand efforts to protect sea turtles and other tropical animals, it's useful to visit a place like Costa Rica and meet the people involved. It's even more helpful to be guided by experts in both the fields of biology and psychology/sociology, as a group of Cornell students were in 2011. Read More

  • Marty Condon to talk about flies from the Amazon to Iowa

    Marty Condon, professor of biology, will talk about  “Flies and More Flies: Diversity From the Tropics to our Own Backyards”  at the Science Interest Group lecture at 11:10 a.m. on March 22 in West Science. Condon will address why there are so many species of insects. Insects that feed on plants are model systems for studies […] Read More