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Quedius laevigatus is the scientific name for the Rove Beetle. Rove Beetles are easily recognized by their habit of turning their abdomen upward as if they were about to sting. They can normally be found wherever there is a large number of fly larvae, such as decaying fruit, compost, or dung, where they feed on maggots. Almost all Rove Beetles are between one and seven millimeters in length. Many people confuse Rove Beetles with earwigs, but numerous physical differences do exist, such as the absence of forceps at the end of a Rove Beetle's abdomen.

Photo Courtesy of: Jiri Hulcr, Texas A&M University


Sources: R. Arnett, Jr. 1980. How to know the beetles.

University of Florida Department of Entomology and Nematology and Florida Department of Agriculture, Division of Plant Industry