Insect ABC's

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Male dragonflies are so possessive of their mates that they remain copulated with the female throughout the egg laying process. Males are understandably paranoid. Other males violently swarm around females, such as his mate, in a frenzy. Unless he'd like to see his mate produce offspring from another male, he has to guard her carefully. Females lay their eggs underwater for safety. Even as she goes underwater to lay, the male will remain sexually attached to her. When he can no longer remain in the sexual embrace during the egg laying, he hovers over her to ward off rival males.Source: Judson, Olivia, 2002, "Dr. Tatiana's Sex Advice For All Creation" and also: Precopulatory mate guarding affects predation risk in two freshwater amphipod species. Cothran, Rickey D.1 Animal Behaviour; Nov2004, Vol. 68 Issue 5, p1133, 6p

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