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Bed Bugs use traumatic insemination, which means that they use their hypodermic needle like penises to stab through the female's abdomen to inject her with sperm. There really does not seem to be any reason why bedbugs would prefer to mate that way when the female has a perfectly functional vagina.Traumatic insemination is risky for the female and can result in scaring or infection. To protect the female from any severe damage suffered by mating in this way, some female bed bugs have developed an Organ of Berlese to protect the abdomenal area. In additional to the protective Organ of Berlese, the females have no external vaginal opening. Source: Reducing a cost of traumatic insemination: female bedbugs evolve a unique organ.Source: Klaus Reinhardt1Richard Naylor1 Michael T. Siva-Jothy Proceedings: Biological Sciences; 11/ 22/2003, Vol. 270 Issue 1531, p2371, 5p


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