Insect ABC's

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Like other insects, katydids sometimes give their mates nuptial gifts. The male grasshopper secretes a sperm pack spiked with vitamins and nutrients from his own system to give to his mate. The gift entices her, but is also quite practical. The added nutritional elements of the pack helps the female to produce higher quantities of healthier eggs. Females prefer to mate with virgins, who can produce a vitamin rich sperm pack twice as large as that of non-virgins. Source:Body Size and Multiple Copulations in a Neotropical Grasshopper with an Extraordinary Mate-Guarding Duration. del Castillo, Ra&uacut;l Cueva1 rcueva @miranda. Journal of Insect Behavior; Jul2003, Vol. 16 Issue 4, p503, 20p

Photo Courtesy of: Helen's World of Nature Photography