Students are invited to apply for an exciting internship opportunity in international business sponsored by the Berry Center. The internship involves work at the RenMax brokerage firm in Montevideo, Uruguay.

The internship is available for the summer or fall of 2013. The length of internship can range between 7-10 weeks, and it can be scheduled some time during June through October. Interns will receive a small stipend from RenMax. A large portion of the costs for travel and lodging will be paid by the Berry Center.

The internship supervisor is Pablo Sitjar, the president of the company. In recent years several Cornell students have taken advantage of this internship opportunity, including Diego Verdugo and Tom Kirk. Please click here to learn more about Diego’s experience.

RenMax is a small brokerage which specializes in wealth management services. It advises clients on investments in fixed-income assets and real estate. Its involvement in equity markets is limited. Previous Cornell interns have worked on information gathering, data analysis, report preparation, and client services.

The internship is likely to appeal to students with an interest in international business, and a strong desire for a rich cross-cultural experience. Due to the small size of the firm, Cornell interns receive personal direction and support. Montevideo is a safe and attractive location, with opportunities for travel to Buenos Aires and Brazil.

To receive serious consideration for this unique opportunity, applicants need to be attentive to the following:

  • While a major in economics and business (ECB) is not required, applicants must have some background in finance or business.
  • Familiarity with statistics and basic quantitative analysis is important.
  • A career interest in international business is highly desirable.
  • Working knowledge of Spanish is highly desirable.
  • Applicants will be evaluated on their enthusiasm for, and ability to handle, a challenging cross-cultural experience.
  • Exceptional Sophomores will be considered, but Juniors are preferred.
To apply for this internship, students must:
  • Complete the Berry Center RenMax Internship Application.
  • Provide a one page personal statement discussing how the internship will benefit your academic studies, future career and educational goals.
  • Provide an unofficial transcript, showing your grades and the list of courses you have taken at Cornell or elsewhere that have helped prepare you for this experience.
  • Provide a Career Engagement Center-approved resume.
Applications are due by Noon on Wednesday, April 8th.