For-credit internships

Eligibility Cornell Fellows BCI Internships
Minimum of sophomore standing
Enrolled for duration & block following internship
Must earn academic credit
Approximately 8 weeks (2 Blocks in duration)
Minimum 160 hours = 1 credit
80 hours = 1/2 credit
Only 1 funded internship
Steps to Apply Cornell Fellows BCI Internships
Update  or create your resume
Choose internship site
Secure a faculty sponsor & complete registrar form
Complete & submit application
Schedule a mock interview
Funding Requirements Cornell Fellows BCI Internships

Completion of internship                                              

Weekly blog
Reflection report
Take photos at internship site
Provide a testimonial
Showcase presentation

Cornell Fellows Berry Career Institute Internships

Funded internships must be for academic credit. To obtain academic credit, complete the internship credit registrar form. Funds can be used to assist in covering travel, housing, or additional resource costs needed to support the student internship experience. Funding amounts are based on the location of the experience and the corresponding budget of anticipated expenses.

Priority deadlines

Due to limited funding amounts priority will be given based on the quality of the application and on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications received after priority deadlines will be accommodated when possible.

Cornell Fellows maximum award amounts

  • $3,500 U.S. based experience
  • $4,100 Internationally based experience

Priority deadlines for fellowships

  • Blocks 1-8: 60-90 days prior to start date
  • Summer: March 20 (Block 7)

BCI Internships maximum award amounts

  • $1,500 U.S. based experience
  • $2,000 Internationally based experience

Priority deadlines for internships

  • Blocks 1-8: 30-60 days prior to start date
  • Summer: April 17 (Block 8)

Non-credit internships

An internship that is not done for credit is still an excellent opportunity to gain relevant career experience which will make you a more competitive applicant for full-time opportunities. In addition, some employers offer paid internships that may offset the desire or need to obtain credit or outside funding. 

Non-credit bearing internships should be reported to the Berry Career Institute in order to receive support related to your internship experience from our career coaches.