Transfer Students

Ordinarily transfer students are admitted to the college in Terms One or Six. The Registrar evaluates the student’s transcripts and is responsible for awarding transfer credit. Transfer courses that meet Cornell College requirements will be noted. Transfer students are usually assigned to an advisor in the intended major department.

Topics for advising:

  • Check transfer credits that have been approved.  Should you or your advisee think that additional courses should receive credit, contact the appropriate department chair and/or the Registrar.

  • Review the all-college requirements; enroll  your advisee in courses needed to fulfill these requirements.

  • Identify courses which meet prerequisites for advanced work in the department.  Enroll student in these courses as soon as possible.

  • Review Cornell's educational priorities and discuss progress toward meeting those.

  • Discuss possible degree options (B. A., B.S.S., B. M.)

  • Discuss application deadlines for off-campus study

  • Discuss pre-law, pre-health professions, pre-MBA, teacher certification, Cornell Fellows, and national scholarships and direct interested students to appropriate offices.