Chicago-Area Interviews

Oak Brook - Nov. 2, 2013
Barnes and Noble
297 Oakbrook Center
Oak Brook

Naperville - Nov. 13, 2013
Barnes and Noble
47 East Chicago

Deerfield - Nov. 24, 2013
Barnes and Noble
728 North Waukegan Road

Skokie - Dec. 8, 2013
Barnes and Noble
5405 Touhy Avenue

Chicago - Dec. 11, 2013
Barnes and Noble
1 East Jackson Boulevard

An informal interview is a great opportunity for you to learn more about Cornell College, the application process, scholarship opportunities, and next steps in your college search. If you can’t make it to campus, you can meet with me at a bookstore near you instead! 

To reserve an appointment, please fill out the form below as completely as possible and I will contact you to confirm your interview time and location. If you have any questions or need to arrange for an appointment outside the following dates, please email me at or call or text me at (319) 432-9423. I look forward to meeting with you and appreciate your interest in Cornell College.

Jennifer Sloan

Assistant Director of Admission
Chicago Regional Representative

Chicago Interview RSVP

Please select all the dates and times when you are available for an interview.

 Nov. 2 in Oak Brook (morning)  
 Nov. 2 in Oak Brook (afternoon)  
 Nov. 2 in Oak Brook (evening)  
 Nov. 13 in Naperville (evening)  
 Nov. 24 in Deerfield (morning)  
 Nov. 24 in Deerfield (afternoon)  
 Nov. 24 in Deerfield (evening)  
 Dec. 8 in Skokie (morning)  
 Dec. 8 in Skokie (afternoon)  
 Dec. 8 in Skokie (evening)  
 Dec. 11 in Chicago (evening)  
 Please call me to schedule/confirm my hotel interview.  
 Please e-mail me to schedule/confirm my hotel interview.  

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