"Cornell definitely prepared me for medical school both in and out of the classroom. The individual attention that I received from professors as I worked my way through classes and as I embarked on the medical school application process was remarkable. Now as I get to know my fellow medical school classmates I realize how rare and amazing my education experience has been. Many schools do not give students the support and individual attention I received at Cornell. I really felt my professors wanted me to succeed not only in school but in my career and life as well. I not only had a grerat experience in the classroom, I was also able to participate in research at Cornell, as well as travel to China with a team of orthopedic surgeons on a medical mission trip, Operation Walk, through the Dimensions Program. This was a once in a life-time experience that truly solidified my decision to go into medicine. "
Lisa Fettkether
Graduation Year: 2006
Majors: Biochemistry and Molecular Bio, Secondary Education, Pre-Med
Activities at Cornell: Phi Beta Kappa, Tri Beta, Health Professions Society, Mortar Board, Chemistry Tutor, and lab assistant.
Profession/Career: Medical School, University of Iowa
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"I can't say enough wonderful things about Cornell College! The faculty is very attentive and supportive; they truly want each student to be challenged and succeed. Cornell's One-Course-At-A-Time system allowed me to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities, do independent research projects, travel, and most importantly, build strong relationships with students and faculty. When it came time to apply to medical school, I had a much broader range of experiences than students from large institutions- and faculty who knew me well enough to write personalized letters of recommendation. Please don't hesitate to email me with any questions you have about Cornell or your desire to pursue a career in medicine."
Maggie Mangold
Graduation Year: 2003
Majors: Biochemistry and Molecular Bio, Pre-med
Activities at Cornell: Orchestra, Pandemonium (steel drum band), Peer Ministry Team, Health Professions Society, Writing Resource Center tutor, Science tutor, Mortar Board, Phi Beta Kappa, and Tri Beta (biology honor society).
Profession/Career: Medical School, University of Iowa College of Medicine
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"The four years I spent at Cornell College were some of the best of my life. I got a wonderful education from faculty that really took the time to get to know me. I was (and am) on a first name basis with all of my professors. The classes I took more than prepared me for medical school and the rigors of medicine. And the friends I made at Cornell will last a life time."
Amanda Everhart
Graduation Year: 2002
Majors: Biochemistry and Molecular Bio, Pre-Med
Minor: Psychology
Activities at Cornell: Phi Beta Kappa, Health Professions Society, Mortar Board, Tri Beta, Blood Drives, KRNL, Lunch Buddies, tutoring, theatre, speech and Sigma Porifera Omega
Profession/Career: Medical School
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"I found Cornell offers unparalleled opportunities for in-depth study in the setting of a broader liberal arts education. The lessons I learned from my interactions with the faculty and staff continue to serve me every day. That, paired with the skills acquired by tackling the OCAAT system, provided me with good preparation for higher academia and the real world. If you have an interest in medicine, I can probably steer you in the right direction."
Alex Langerman
Graduation Year: 1999
Majors: Pre-med, Biochemistry and Molecular Bio, Philosophy
Activities at Cornell: Student Senate, Council on Social and Service Groups, New Student Orientation
Profession/Career: Medicine, Ear,Nose,Throat Surgery
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"I had a wonderful experience at Cornell, in and out of the classroom. When I describe my Cornell experience to other people that I've met, they are amazed that there is a school like it. They are not only interested in the OCAAT system but also in my stories of how our professors were very personal, inviting us to their homes, holding late night study sessions before finals, calling them by their first names. They also enjoy all the Cornell folklore, even though I can't remember everything. In hindsight, it amazes me that I was able to be involved in so many extra-curriculars and still study. I wouldn't change a thing about my Cornell experience except that I would have like to get involved earlier."
Monica Hambley
Graduation Year: 1997
Majors: Pre-med, Biology
Minor: Chemistry
Activities at Cornell: Admissions Secretary, PAAC Special Events Coordinator, Alpha Phi Omega, Dorm Hall Representative, CASA member, Peer Advocate, Phi Lambda Xi
Profession/Career: Clinical Pharmacist
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"I was better prepared then my medical school classmates who came from science-oriented undergraduate programs to communicate and build relationships with my patients. One-Course-At-A-Time taught me to "jump right in" and quickly learn material and develop conclusions, a skill I use daily in critical care medicine. I am thankful for the leadership opportunities Cornell gave me, leading to useful supervisory skills for the clinical setting."
Kathleen Braddy
Graduation Year: 1992
Majors: Pre-med, Biology, Classical Studies
Activities at Cornell: Cross Country and Head Resident Advisor for Merner.
Profession/Career: Medicine, Interventional Cardiologist
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