Academic Advising at Cornell College

We take great pride in the academic advising offered at Cornell College. Our graduating seniors often praise the relationships they have built with faculty members as advisors and feel confident in the guidance they have received.  Advising is a team effort between students, faculty advisors and the advising office.

Faculty Advisors

Cornell College currently uses a faculty advisor model.  Each student is assigned a faculty member as their advisor as incoming student. This process is done by hand; the Coordinator of Academic Advising reviews each student's file and academic advising survey and matches the student with an appropriate faculty member.  Advising faculty members include teaching faculty, research librarians and the Coordinator of Academic Advising.  The faculty member might be matched by major interest or hometown or hobby.  All of our advisors are trained to be developmental advisors for incoming students in any major.  The new student will meet their advisor during orientation--usually on the second day on campus!  There are two mandatory meetings with the advisor during orientation and another in October. More are certainly welcomed!

The student continues with that first advisor for the first year and will then choose their own faculty advisor in their major department in the middle of their sophomore year.  The faculty advisor works closely with the student to answer questions, help plan academic path and support in post-graduation plans.   Faculty advisors are assigned by, trained by and mentored by the Coordinator of Academic Support and Advising.  You can learn more about our advising here. 

Academic Support and Advising Office

The mission of the Academic Support and Advising Office is to support Cornell students in their overall goal of graduation.  Specifically: assisting students in understanding graduation requirements and reaching graduation in four years, thinking about their goals for life after college, and utilizing an academic advisor responsibly to assist them in their planning.   We focus on the student as a whole--their adjustment to college, their social interactions, their strengths and weaknesses academically.  We want you to feel you belong here at Cornell and that you can achieve your academic and career goals!

The Coordinator also mentors faculty advisors as they work directly with student advisees, serving as mentor and sounding board.   This office also assists those students with disabilities who need accommodations in the classroom.   

This office: 

  • assigns and changes advisors
  • offers assistance with declaring a major, including thinking about possible careers
  • teaches study, time management or executive function skills
  • hires and supervises tutors and assigns FREE tutors to any student who requests one
  • provides academic counseling to students who are struggling with their college academic life (example: test taking anxiety)
  • provides general academic advising and course change advice when faculty advisor not available
  • maintains  the records and accommodation lists for students with disabilities
  • serves as staff coordinator for OASIS (Opportunity, Academic Support, Information and Sustenance) ** the peer mentoring first-generation program in development 2014-2015**

This office is a good "first stop" for any Cornell student who is not achieving their goals academically--I'll refer you to the appropriate office after we talk.

To contact the office, click here.