Learning doesn't stop with the end of the academic year. Summers at Cornell bring many opportunities for students to work with faculty on collaborative research projects, both in Iowa and beyond (as far away, in fact, as Portugal and Argentina). Our undergraduate research programs give you the freedom – and the resources – to develop long-held interests or explore new territories within the natural and social sciences.

Cornell College provides $3,000 stipends for students engaged in summer collaborative research, and makes campus housing available to them. Students may work one-on-one with faculty members or in teams of students and faculty.

And at Cornell, you don’t have to be an upperclassman to experience the power of undergraduate research. Faculty select sophomores and juniors, as well as seniors, to engage in summer research projects.  And the benefit of that research accompanies the student into the following year and beyond:  students join professors at conference presentations and poster sessions; students co-author publications in distinguished scientific journals and other professional publications. It is a Cornell tradition to engage students in experiential learning and in actual research with the faculty. We are delighted to note that faculty are eager to find students who have the self-discipline and the passion for learning that ground successful summer research and study.

Student perspectives

  • Alyssa Borowske '07

    Alyssa Borowske

    Fulbright scholar

    "Participating in research gave me personal insights into how science actually works. I found that I love doing science and this in itself is a useful piece of information for planning out my future career. I was also able to gain self-confidence early in my college career; the faculty members treated me more like a colleague than a student so the expectations were high, but high goals can be useful for achieving things that you didn't realize were possible."

  • John Gammons '08

    John Gammons

    "The best part of working in Marty Condon's lab is doing scientific research which is something I've wanted to do since I was a kid. This is actual science, and we're doing research that has never been done before."