Campbell McConnell Research Funds


TO: All Full-Time Faculty and Lecturers, Lab Instructors and Paraprofessionals who are appointed at or above the half-time level on a continuing basis

FROM: Brenda Tooley, Dean of the College

DATE: April 10, 2007

SUBJECT: Campbell McConnell Funds for Non-Sabbatical Faculty Research

Cornell College, through the generosity of Campbell McConnell ‘50, (after awarding Campbell McConnell Sabbatical Fellowships for 2007-08) has very limited funding available to support non-sabbatical faculty research projects.

Awards are intended to assist faculty engaged in major scholarly or creative work through funding for travel or other expenses related to the proposed project. Awards will range from $500 to $3,000. Depending on the amounts requested, we hope to fund three to six proposals. Funding for awarded grants becomes available June 1, 2007.

General Guidelines:

1. Faculty may apply for funding support for substantial research projects to be undertaken during the summer or the academic year. Research plans with interdisciplinary or international scope, as well as research projects that will also lead to the development or refinement of courses, will be given priority.
The following items are excluded from Research support:

2. The following items are excluded from Research support:

a) Salaries or similar stipends for faculty members.
b) Sabbatical supplementary salary payments.
c) Released time or costs for teaching replacements.
d) Expenses associated with work toward an advanced degree.
e) Student projects.
f) Equipment, computers, hardware, software, printers, and other computing accessories. (These items can be requested through the College’s regular process for capital requests).

Application Procedure:

Research proposals of no more than 6 pages should contain the following sections in this order:

1. A cover sheet with your name, the current date and a short title of the proposal.

2. An introduction and brief description of the proposal, including a clear statement of the research question, the purpose and significance of the project, the major points of exploration, or a description of the creative project in terms of its conceptual foundation, scope and significance, and projected final shape.

3. An explanation of the research or creative process to be employed, including the manner of evaluating the quality of the work (i.e., to what group of peers in what venue – a conference, a gallery – will the work be submitted?)

4. The proposed, itemized budget, with justification of items. In your itemized budget, please be careful to follow Cornell’s “Guidelines for Travel on College Business” and “Guidelines for Reimbursements for Cornell Grants to Faculty.”

5. An estimate of the duration of the project and an approximate date of when the funds will be expended.

6. Other information you consider appropriate.

7. Submit the proposal to Nancy Rawson, Office of Academic Affairs, by April 27, 2007 for projects to be undertaken during the 2007-08 academic year or during the summer of 2007. Retain a copy for your file. Awarded funds will become available June 1, 2007.

Special Requirements:

1. Faculty members in a terminal year may not apply for grants.

2. Part-time, regular faculty members are eligible to apply for grants when the project is directly related to the faculty member's teaching and scholarly work at the College.

3. A grantee cannot receive a supplemental grant in a subsequent year to offset a failure to cover expenses with an earlier grant.

4. Funds must be used as proposed and awarded. If a faculty member makes a substantial revision of a project, he or she should notify the Dean to seek approval of the change.

5. Grantees may apply for continuations of projects already under way.

6. A grantee must submit a report to the Dean at the end of the grant period, summarizing achievements and expenditures. The grantee cannot be considered for additional support until this report is filed.