TO:                  All Full-Time Faculty and Lecturers, Lab Instructors and other Academic Instructional Staff who are appointed above the half-time level on a continuing basis

 FROM:            R. Joseph Dieker, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College

 DATE:            January 31, 2014

 SUBJECT:      Mellon Foundation Planning Grants for Departments and Interdisciplinary Programs

Cornell College, through the generosity of a grant from the Mellon Foundation, has funding available for 2014-15 to support departments, interdisciplinary programs, or other groups of faculty as they consider significant curricular revision, innovation, or assessment (e.g., capstone courses, changes in majors or minors, etc.).

The following support is available to participants in Mellon Foundation Planning Grant meetings:

Summer stipends of $200/day for up to three days for each participant.  Faculty, lecturers, lab instructors and paraprofessionals who are appointed above the half-time level on a continuing basis are eligible to participate.  In order to receive a stipend, the planning meeting must take place between May 12, 2014, and August 15, 2014. This stipend will be taxable income.

General Guidelines:

1)  Awarded funds must be used for the purposes described in the proposal.  If a department or program wishes to use the funds in any other way, the Dean must be consulted in advance to seek approval of the change.

2)  Grantees may apply for continuation of projects already underway.

3)  Grantees must submit a pertinent activity report summarizing achievements and expenditures to the Office of Academic Affairs by February 1, 2015.  The grantee cannot be considered for additional faculty development funding if this report is not filed.

4)  Funding for awarded grants becomes available May 12, 2014.  Funds should be expended in full by August 15, 2014.

Application Procedure:

The Faculty Development Advisory Committee will evaluate all proposals and make recommendations to the Dean of the College.

1)  Mellon Foundation Planning Grant proposals should contain the following sections in this order:

         a)   Name of principal applicants; current date; short title of the proposal.

         b)   An introduction, including a statement concerning the purpose of the project.

         c)   An explanation of the process and timeline to be followed, and an explanation of the ways in which the success of the endeavor will be assessed. 

         d)   An itemized budget with justification of each item.

         e)   Approximate dates for planning meetings.

          f)   Other information which you consider appropriate.

 2)  Submit the proposal to Nancy Rawson, Office of Academic Affairs by March 3, 2014, for planning meetings to take place in the summer of 2014.  Be sure to receive confirmation that your proposal was received.  Awards will be announced by the end of March 2014.