Recognizing the close connection between effective teaching and intellectual and professional stature, the College encourages and expects scholarly or creative activity among its faculty as a component of effective teaching or as an end in itself. Since teaching is the clear emphasis at Cornell, faculty members are expected to devote appropriate time and energy to this aspect of professional activity. Extensive reading in the discipline, revision of courses when warranted, and development of new courses when appropriate to the program in a department are expected activities. In sum, faculty must attend to current developments in their field as they pertain to their pedagogical activities.

Moreover, the institution recognizes that scholarly and creative activities inside and outside of Cornell College are valuable to the individual faculty member involved and to the College as a whole. The College therefore both desires and fosters such activities and is pleased to share these opportunities with the faculty.

In some years, funding may not be available for particular awards. Information on this website will be updated as each call for proposals is issued.

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Guidelines for internally funded Cornell College faculty development proposals:

Faculty Development and Travel Funding

- Development funds to support the costs of attendance at academic conferences. 

Gaarde-Morton Junior Faculty Award

- Annual award to a tenure-track faculty member in his or her first four years at the College. 

Fund for Course Development

- Support for course development. 

Emil and Rosa Massier Award in the Social Sciences

- Support for scholarly, creative, or curricular projects in the social sciences.

Hewlett Planning Grants for Departments and Interdisciplinary Programs

- Support for departments, interdisciplinary programs, or other groups of faculty as they consider significant curricular revision or innovation. 

McConnell Travel Fund - for travel between July 1, 2017, and June 30, 2018

- Support for faculty travel.

McConnell Travel Fund - second call for travel between January 1, 2018, and June 30, 2018

- Support for faculty travel. 

Mellon Funding for Faculty Development in the Digital Liberal Arts

- Support for faculty travel related to the digital liberal arts and on-campus workshops in the digital liberal arts. 

Ringer Distinguished Professorship

- Three-year faculty appointment to recognize and support excellence in teaching and scholarship and outstanding service both to the College and the community. 

Sabbatical Leave and Campbell McConnell sabbatical support

- Call for Sabbatical Leave
- Campbell McConnell sabbatical support 

Small Distinguished Professorship

- Two-year faculty appointment to recognize and support excellence in teaching and scholarship and outstanding service both to the College and the community.

Cornell Summer Research Institute (CSRI) 

- Student-faculty collaborative research for the summer of 2017 through the Cornell Summer Research Institute

Howard and Doris Troyer Faculty Award

- Support for a faculty member's major scholarly or creative project.