The Academic Technology Studio at Cornell College maintains and operates an HP Designjet Z5400 Large Format printer (affectionately nicknamed 'Beyonce'). This photo-realistic printer has a 42-inch wide capacity and can print onto sheets or rolls of several types of paper.  For design resources, check the Poster Printing guide or make an appointment at the Studio.

If you have a class project or a departmental project that requires plotting an image or poster, please keep these guidelines in mind:

  1. We have two finishes to choose from.  For most posters, we recommend a matte finish paper.
  2. We recommend Microsoft PowerPoint for designing most posters.  PowerPoint is familiar to most campus users, and will print up to 42"x56" documents.  Other software, such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Publisher and more can also be used.  Please contact the Instructional Technology Librarian with questions.
  3. Whatever program you use to design your poster, make sure that the poster dimensions are set to the size you want it to print at BEFORE you begin to design.  

Printing costs are determined by the size of the poster, the type of paper, and the ink required. The base costs are determined by the linear foot, along the length of the poster.  Matte poster rates are below.  For canvas and glossy rates, check the Poster Printing guide.

Matte finish paper rates:

  • $ 7 per linear foot for more than 25% color
  • $ 6 per linear foot for less than 25% color
  • $ 5 per linear foot for simple line drawings (i.e. very little ink)

Poster Printing Request Form

At present we accept cash, cheque, or Cornell Department Account payment. Individual students must pay using cash or cheque. Students and student organizations will need to provide payment or an account number prior to picking up their poster(s).

Only fill out if you are paying with a department or student organization account. If you do not have your account number, please e-mail it to at the earliest convenience. Student organizations paying directly through a Cornell account must provide an account number prior to picking up their poster(s).

Please submit your job at least three days in advance. If you need a job printed with a very short turnaround time, please e-mail the Instructional Technology Librarian ( after completing this form.

What size should your poster be? Most conference and OC posters are 42" x 56", but refer to conference guidelines or the Thomas Commons sign posting policy to be sure. Posters cannot exceed 42" on both sides.

You may send posters in .PDF, PowerPoint, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, or Publisher formats. If you are using non-standard fonts please include a link to the font in the notes section. If your poster has linked resources (InDesign), please upload a packaged file. Contact the Academic Technology Studio with questions (x4125).

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